Artificial Intelligence at Work - How AI Is and Will Be Used in the Workplace and the Legal Issues that Arise

Corporate Counsel; Employment & Immigration Law; Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Artificial intelligence is the next wave in the transformation of work. As businesses (including law firms) use AI to supplement and, in some cases, replace human employees, how will work change and what legal issues are likely to arise? The panel will discuss both the practical in terms of how AI can and is being used in the workplace as well as the legal in the kinds of legal challenges that are on the horizon. The panel features speakers from IBM, a company with a rich and storied history of advancing artificial intelligence, Dentons, one of the first law firms anywhere in the world to employ AI in its practice, and the Australian College of Law, where they have launched two Master’s courses in Legal Technologies.


  • Steven Howard, Sony Mobile Communications Inc.


  • Richard Hogg, IBM
  • Fabian Horton, College of Law, Australia
  • Sandra McCandless, Dentons US LLP


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