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Information Technology (“IT”) is no doubt one of the fastest growing industries in the past 10 years. In the old days, the term IT normally only associates with PC computers. After the birth of internet, computers are no longer just machines for typing, drafting charts or games but devices that allow users to communicate and share knowledge and trade with the rest of the world. Nowadays the term IT associates not only with computers but also other devices people cannot live without – e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart watches etc. The variety of “gadgets” available on the market are infinite and consumers are spoilt for choice. The legal industry on the other hand, has always been portrayed as traditional and conservative. As its main products are mainly word documents, IT has not been an area law firms pay much attention to. However, as the pace of the modern world becomes much faster and clients expect everything to be done “now” rather than later; and as competitions between firms get more intense, it is important to take advantage of IT to enhance productivity, efficiency, marketing and competitiveness. It is common knowledge that the legal industry is demanding which involves long hours of work, the need for networking, and tight deadlines to meet. It is even more challenging for female lawyers who need to juggle between their hectic professional lives and personal lives as mothers, wives and daughters. By taking advantage of technology, it makes the balancing exercise easier and more manageable. The session will be conducted in an informal manner with speakers (both male and female) from different jurisdictions to share: - 1. How their countries use IT to enhance their respective legal sectors; 2. How firms can use IT to enhance productivity, efficiency, marketing and competitiveness; and 3. How lawyers can use IT to improve their professional lives.


  • Olivia Kung, Wellington Legal


  • Barunesh Chandra, August Legal
  • Anne Durez, Total Sa
  • Sylvette Tankiang, Villaraza & Angangco Law Firm
  • Hiroko Yamamoto, Mori Hamada & Matsumoto



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