"Green" Financing

Banking, Finance and Securities; Environmental Law

Soaring energy needs, volatile oil prices and an increased focus on curbing global warming have spurred investments in clean energy, or “green financing,” in the last few years. The G20’s strategic goal of strong, sustainable and balanced growth, requires the scaling up of green financing, which, based on a number of studies, will require the deployment of tens of trillions of dollars over the coming decade. Over the past decade, various complementary financial sector options have emerged in many countries, from both private and public actors, to support the development of green finance. These include, among others, voluntary principles for sustainable lending and investment, enhanced environmental disclosure and governance requirements, and financial products such as green loans, green bonds, green infrastructure investment trusts,1 and green index products. a joint session with Environmental Committee. The panel will address what we have learned so far and what will be required going forward.


  • Leonardo Singson, Villaraza & Angangco Law Firm 


  • Zhiqiang Li, Jin Mao Partners
  • Urs Lustenberger, Lustenberger Rechtsanwaite
  • Kamraj Nayagam

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