Trade and the environmental goods agreement

International Trade; Environmental Law

This panel will provide a single presentation on the structure and scope of the plurilateral Environmental Goods Agreement (EGA), which is being negotiated within the World Trade Organization (WTO). A discussion will then ensue, focussing on the key elements of the EGA from an international trade and environmental law perspective. In particular, the format of the panel discussion aims at being colloquial and stimulating audience’s participation. From a trade perspective, the focus will be placed on, inter alia, the role of the EGA vis-à-vis the WTO and other multilateral environmental agreements, its relevance vis-à-vis the growing body of bilateral or regional preferential trade agreements, the negotiating techniques, the ‘commercialization’ of environmental and sustainability commitments, the role of private lawyers in such negotiations, etc. From an environmental perspective, this trade policy is likely to provide the right impetus towards Green Growth with boost in the green goods and services, shall provide cheaper access to the green technologies globally, help make rapidly growing cities greener and more sustainable and shall create “win-win” for both trade and environment.


  • Shweta Bharti, Hammurabi & Solomon Partners
  • Paolo Vergano, FratiniVergano


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