Secure Personal Data In Conference

Are you ready to attend a conference in another country? Have you packed up everything needed at the new place? Have you employed your personal data’s security measures? Probably, your answer to the first two questions would be a ‘yes’, but for the third one, it would be a ‘no’. If that is the case, then don’t worry, you are not alone neglecting personal data security while going to a conference. Many people do that.

Conferences, summits, and other such gatherings where a large number of people would gather, are usually targeted by hackers, as they get access to a bulk of devices through network vulnerabilities. Therefore, you must ensure the security of your personal data prior to attending such events. Here we list a few easy methods to secure your data.


Avoid Connecting To Public WiFi

Public WiFi’s are the biggest threat to your personal data. These networks, being unencrypted and publicly accessible, are specifically targeted by the criminal hackers as they can easily access a lot of devices through hacking this single network. Sometimes, they don’t even need to hack the network, rather, creating networks with similar SSIDs and stronger signals would suffice for them to attract multiple connections. Therefore, if you need to connect to a network during a conference, it is better to take some portable device with you or use your cellular company’s roaming service.

Hide Through A VPN

Whether you travel intercity, or to some other country, a VPN would always protect you no matter where you are. Even while at conferences, having a VPN masks you online, thus saving you from all the potential bad actors on a network. Besides, you do not face troubles due to geo-restrictions as you can seamlessly change your location with a VPN. For instance, if you live in New Zealand and are travelling to some other country where you fear geo-restrictions, you can use a VPN and choose a New Zealand VPN server to bypass these limitations.

Avoid Charging Your Phone Through Free Charging Points

While travelling and during the conference, you would come across several free charging stations and power outlets offering you to recharge your device. For the security of your personal data, you must not fall a prey to these, as you never know whether they are genuine services, or are simply traps to hack your device. You can carry personal power banks with you instead of occasionally charging your phone.

Keep Your Device’s Software Updated

Make sure to keep your device software, and applications updated throughout. These updates are rolled out from the vendors with various bug fixes to protect your device from the criminal hackers.